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Welcome to our store!
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Returns, Refunds & Shipping

Returns and exchanges

All of our items are final sale and cannot be returned. Please get in touch if you have questions or concerns about your specific item.

We generally don't accept returns unless item was significantly different than advertised, the quality was not up to our standards or it was damaged. I am a reasonable person and I hope you are too. In most cases we can work things out.

We will do everything we can to make things right. If an item arrives in damaged condition, we can discount it for you to get it fixed by a local painter. If the items is heavily damaged, we can arrange for pickup, we will fix it up and we will send it to you again. What you need to do is to inform us ASAP if anything goes wrong with delivery. Don't let the delivery company leave without getting an acknowledgement that they damaged something.

It is imperative that you examine the condition of your piece. It is imperative that you understand that you are buying a 30 to 50 year old "used" piece of furniture painted by us flawed humans. Perfection is literally impossible, it will have flaws.

The 3 Foot Rule -
If a flaw or imperfection in the piece is not visible from 3 ft away when examining your furniture then it is an acceptable flaw. Put your phone flashlights and magnifying glasses away.

If you want factory perfection then yes, Pottery Barn, West Elm is your best bet.

 SHIPPING: How it works?


 We use private, insured drivers to safely handle and ship your custom lacquer pieces, ready to ship items and large furniture items to your home.****ALL custom order items have production time of about 4-5 weeks****

That means when you pick a "raw" piece that's currently in vintage condition it WILL take us 4 weeks minimum to paint it in the color you specify.

There may be unexpected delays due to excessive heat/humidity, holidays, or just delays as a result of us being a small shop with with very small staff. Please inquire about current production times.

***Please communicate if you need it before a certain date*** For some customers and in certain circumstances, receiving an item before a certain day is very important - baby due date, Thanksgiving, Christmas, whatever that might me...please communicate that with me! I will arrange for expedited shipping which MAY cost more.

Once item is shipped,I will give you shippers contact information. There's no tracking number usually...it's not Fedex. I have relationships with private shippers. They show up, blanket and shrink wrap your piece and get on the road to deliver to you. They are awesome and my buyers love my shippers.

The shippers are transporters - not professional movers. They will deliver your piece on the ground level. If you need something delivered to the 3rd floor with circular steps, you need to hire local professional movers. Again, being a reasonable person helps.

We will not arrange shipping for you in the following circumstances -

*Your building requires permission
*Needs Insurance certificate
*Certain delivery times
*You travel a lot so delivery dates have to exact
In above cases PLEASE arrange your own shipping.