Welcome to our store!
Welcome to our store!
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SHIPPING: How it works?


 We use private, insured drivers to safely handle and ship your custom lacquer pieces, ready to ship items and large furniture items to your home.

Shop policies:

Thanks for stopping by at my store. At DEG Furniture Designs we sell refinished vintage furniture that's been glamorized and modernized beyond recognition. We use highest quality materials available in US market. We take a lot of time and put in a great deal of effort in achieving the quality of finish that you see.

Please be sure that vintage furniture is right for your needs and home before purchase. All pieces even ones in pristine condition can have small scratches, dings and dents. Just a reminder that our pieces have been in use for 30-50 years and are not in perfect condition.
Insides of the drawers are *NEVER* painted.
1) Drawer insides are not meant to take paint. Certain brands like Henredon use beautiful cherry wood on the inside. 

2) Backs are painted but they are not perfect. Why? Dressers, chests, buffets are not supposed to go in the middle of the rooms so finished back is not expected. The manufacturers (of vintage pieces) use a piece of plywood or thicker cardboard type material on the backs (because it's not meant to be shown off) It doesn't take paint well.

Additional FAQs

1) What is lacquer?
Lacquer is a varnish that is often used on wood to create an extremely durable finish. It is made up of a combination of dissolved nitrocellulose along with plasticizers and pigments, mixed together in a solvent. The protective outer coating will give additional protections against dirt, oils and liquids and is easy to clean. Currently, our finishers use a precatalyzed nitrocellulose lacquer combined with multiple coatings of "pre-cat" nitrocellulose clear coat. We offer lacquer in matte, eggshell, satin, semi-gloss, and gloss. Our standard is every piece receives a high gloss lacquer finish, if you would like a different sheen please notate in your order details.

2) Do you fill all the nicks/chips in the piece?
We fill majority of the imperfections in the piece, but there's no such thing as 100% perfection in a vintage-refinished piece.

3) Will the piece look brand new?
The piece will have a brand new finish. It will still retain its original vintage charm. If a 50 year old woman gets tasteful plastic surgery and fillers will she look 20? Nope. She will still look 50, but a very attractive 50. Kinda like that. Vintage pieces will still have great bones, hard woods, dovetail joints, wood glides. The interior will look well used. All that comes with living and serving for 50+ years to the previous owners.

4) How do you clean lacquered pieces? 

Our cleaning instructions are incredibly simple - the perks of a lacquered piece!

  1. Get a soft and clean microfiber cloth and fold into fours.
  2. Spray any cleaner that does not have bleach, vinegar, or ammonia, onto your piece and wipe immediately! Turn microfiber over to dry side and wipe again. Our personal favorite go-to is SprayWay which can be found at your local home improvement store.
  3. It's best to always keep your piece dry – if spills do occur, dry immediately. 
  4. Have company coming over? We recommend Wizards Mist-n-Shine Gloss Detailer for a fast cleaning and polishing!
5) I am a perfectionist, is vintage furniture right for me?
God no. Vintage is not the right fit for you if you notice every flaw before you notice any beauty. If you are the type that inspects everything nose-close then I highly recommend Ikea, Target, West Elm etc (depending on your budget) for your needs.

Vintage is the opposite of perfect. Not everything is for everybody. We pay our bills selling what we sell, is it's in our best interest to sell you what we are selling, but we are committed to what's in YOUR best interest, and in some cases vintage just isn't. If you are looking for 1)Well made furniture that has stood the test of time. 2) That has charm and character 3) That you can customize to suit your decor then we are your best source for that.

6) Do I have to create an account to order?

No, it's not mandatory. But it is highly recommended. Indeed, it will allow you to find your history, edit your addresses and track your parcel online faster. You will also be notified of new products and special events.