DEG FURNITURE DESIGNS is a company dedicated to pleasing the most demanding customers with exquisite pieces of furniture.We also have classic furniture that will make your home a more comfortable and beautiful place.

Our purpose is to bring you the most magnificent items we can source at reasonable and accessible prices. We update our shop daily to keep it fresh and exciting for our customers.


Our Services 

We offer our clients a simplified process of buying and selling top quality furniture and estate items online or directly from our warehouse.

We are your source for finding the vintage or antique decor you have been looking for. We make your search easier and more convenient than sitting through local auctions or traveling to vintage stores.

We offer custom designs projects for decorators and interior designers or any customer that is looking for a special piece just made for them.


Who where are :


 We are a husband & wife team and we are dedicated to find, sell and refurbish beautiful and one of a kind pieces. This is our full-time job, where we take our standards seriously. We strive to send out a great product and fulfill your order actively, passionately & as fast as we can without losing quality.